MW store 2014

Was great working on this with the unstoppable Micheal Wong, look forward to bigger and better.

20150211_MW Store_0016 20150211_MW Store_0020 20150211_MW Store_0025 20150211_MW Store_0031 20150211_MW Store_0041 20150211_MW Store_0045 20150211_MW Store_0048 20150211_MW Store_0049 20150211_MW Store_0051 20150211_MW Store_0052 20150211_MW Store_0056 20150211_MW Store_0057 20150211_MW Store_0058 20150211_MW Store_0066


Another classic shoot with the team from One Green Elephant for there latest Lookbook

20150330_OGE_0016 20150330_OGE_0155 20150330_OGE_0266 20150330_OGE_0302 20150330_OGE_0425 20150330_OGE_0455 20150330_OGE_0547 2 20150330_OGE_0678 20150330_OGE_0763 20150330_OGE_0858 20150330_OGE_0947 2 20150330_OGE_0980 20150330_OGE_1022 20150330_OGE_1150 20150330_OGE_1236 20150330_OGE_1365 20150330_OGE_1432 20150330_OGE_1437 20150330_OGE_1747 20150330_OGE_1866

MetLife AD

A great shoot with BBDO  Hong kong, we got to smoke out the studio with a few Thai lanterns.

lantern kv_chi lantern kv_eng and plain







Working in Paris on the latest Kwun Kee Images.
20150730-_RD20490 20150730-_RD20238 20150730-_RD20442 20150730-_RD20001 20150730-_RD29976 20150730-_RD29926 20150730-_RD29898 20150730-_RD29817 20150730-_RD29746 20150730-_RD20932 20150730-_RD20829 20150730-_RD20791 20150730-_RD20581

K+ Hair Salon With Kim Robinson and BOP….. Bop_hk

As Always Kim Robinson makes the shoot smooth and full or laughs, We worked with a great selection of Hk faces and the Band BOP.

IMG_8400 20150423_Kim_0099 20150423_Kim_0696 20150423_Kim_0108 20150423_Kim_0132 20150423_Kim_0205 20150423_Kim_0250 20150423_Kim_0321 20150423_Kim_0357 20150423_Kim_0526 20150423_Kim_0727 20150423_Kim_0761 20150423_Kim_0822 20150423_Kim_0372 20150423_Kim_0402 20150423_Kim_0474 20150423_Kim_0490 20150423_Kim_0559 20150423_Kim_0921 Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 5.48.09 pm copy Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 1.01.35 pm copy 20150423_Kim_1191 IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8398 IMG_8399

Swimwear Shoot for PIHA

Shot on Location in the New Territories, Hong Kong. Wonderful team and super lucky with great weather.

Eden Bristowe our Model for the day was super Fun, making the shoot very easy for everyone.PH_Vivid_Shells_P1005VS_P2291VS-NEON RUBY PH_Twinkle_Lady_P4230TL PH_Tribal_Geo_P1522TG_PP2150SS-Green PH_Sunshade_P1690SD_P2224SD_Blue PH_Sunshade_P1012SD_P2010SD - GREEN PH_Solid_S_P1021SS_P2002SS_Neon_Ruby PH_Solid_S_P1021SS_P2002SS_Neon_Ruby_Side PH_Rainbow_Game_Solid_S_P5002RG_P2009SS PH_Neoprene_P1092_P2092NP-BLACK PH_Neoprene_P1091NP_P2091NP_02 PH_Nautical_Stripe_P1690-P1691NS_P2153NS PH_Love_Signal_P1003LS_P2683LS PH_Iconic_Hit_P1012IT_P2683IT PH_Love_Signal_P1014LS_P2472LS_02 PH_Brushy_P1580-P1581BY_P2110BY PH_Blossom_Island_P4402BI - Grace PH_Blossom_Island_P1063BI_P2660BI_Passion PH_Angelo_P1670-P1671AG_P2710AG_V3 PH_Angelo_P1670-P1671_P2710AG 20150514_Piha_0895