MICHELIN STARRED CHEF ALAIN DUCASSE, world-leading Chef Pâtissier Pierre Hermé, master of Hawaii Regional Cuisine Chef Alan Wong, “Global Chef Award” winner Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto and World Champion of Chinese Cooking Gold Medalist Chef Tam Kwok Fung, shot at the Studio City Macau.

20151027_TK_Studio City_0121



20151027_TK_Studio City_0011



20151027_TK_Studio City_0085



20151027_TK_Studio City_0087



20151027_TK_Studio City_0094



20151027_TK_Studio City_0103



20151027_TK_Studio City_0110



20151027_TK_Studio City_0115



20151027_TK_Studio City_0126

MW store 2014

Was great working on this with the unstoppable Micheal Wong, look forward to bigger and better.

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