MICHELIN STARRED CHEF ALAIN DUCASSE, world-leading Chef Pâtissier Pierre Hermé, master of Hawaii Regional Cuisine Chef Alan Wong, “Global Chef Award” winner Chef Hidemasa Yamamoto and World Champion of Chinese Cooking Gold Medalist Chef Tam Kwok Fung, shot at the Studio City Macau.

20151027_TK_Studio City_0121



20151027_TK_Studio City_0011



20151027_TK_Studio City_0085



20151027_TK_Studio City_0087



20151027_TK_Studio City_0094



20151027_TK_Studio City_0103



20151027_TK_Studio City_0110



20151027_TK_Studio City_0115



20151027_TK_Studio City_0126

MW store 2014

Was great working on this with the unstoppable Micheal Wong, look forward to bigger and better.

20150211_MW Store_0016 20150211_MW Store_0020 20150211_MW Store_0025 20150211_MW Store_0031 20150211_MW Store_0041 20150211_MW Store_0045 20150211_MW Store_0048 20150211_MW Store_0049 20150211_MW Store_0051 20150211_MW Store_0052 20150211_MW Store_0056 20150211_MW Store_0057 20150211_MW Store_0058 20150211_MW Store_0066


Another classic shoot with the team from One Green Elephant for there latest Lookbook

20150330_OGE_0016 20150330_OGE_0155 20150330_OGE_0266 20150330_OGE_0302 20150330_OGE_0425 20150330_OGE_0455 20150330_OGE_0547 2 20150330_OGE_0678 20150330_OGE_0763 20150330_OGE_0858 20150330_OGE_0947 2 20150330_OGE_0980 20150330_OGE_1022 20150330_OGE_1150 20150330_OGE_1236 20150330_OGE_1365 20150330_OGE_1432 20150330_OGE_1437 20150330_OGE_1747 20150330_OGE_1866

Mitte Bar, Restaurant and Club.

A great venue with some fantastic owners that gave us a memorable shoot with superb drinks and food.

20150629_Mitte_0012 20150629_Mitte_0087 20150629_Mitte_0096 20150629_Mitte_0120

MetLife AD

A great shoot with BBDO  Hong kong, we got to smoke out the studio with a few Thai lanterns.

lantern kv_chi lantern kv_eng and plain







Working in Paris on the latest Kwun Kee Images.
20150730-_RD20490 20150730-_RD20238 20150730-_RD20442 20150730-_RD20001 20150730-_RD29976 20150730-_RD29926 20150730-_RD29898 20150730-_RD29817 20150730-_RD29746 20150730-_RD20932 20150730-_RD20829 20150730-_RD20791 20150730-_RD20581

HALO Timothy Oulton Hand crafting

20130809_Halo_0708-2 20130809_Halo_0687-2 20130808_Halo_0205-2 20130808_Halo_0146-2 20130808_Halo_0107-2 20130808_Halo_0074-2 20130807_Halo_1022-2 20130807_Halo_1018-2 20130807_Halo_0999-2 20130807_Halo_0971-2 20130807_Halo_0876-2 20130807_Halo_0869-2 20130807_Halo_0845-2 20130807_Halo_0762-2 20130807_Halo_0662-2 20130807_Halo_0320-2 20130807_Halo_0188-2 20130807_Halo_0183-2 20130807_Halo_0002-2

KWUN KEE Tailored shoot in CORFU

_RD24591 _RD24627 _RD24665 _RD24688 _RD24736 _RD24822 _RD25000 _RD25142 _RD25232 _RD25283 _RD25461 _RD25603 _RD25646 _RD25707 _RD25759 _RD25814 _RD25877 _RD25884 _RD26111