Another classic shoot with the team from One Green Elephant for there latest Lookbook

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Mitte Bar, Restaurant and Club.

A great venue with some fantastic owners that gave us a memorable shoot with superb drinks and food.

20150629_Mitte_0012 20150629_Mitte_0087 20150629_Mitte_0096 20150629_Mitte_0120







Working in Paris on the latest Kwun Kee Images.
20150730-_RD20490 20150730-_RD20238 20150730-_RD20442 20150730-_RD20001 20150730-_RD29976 20150730-_RD29926 20150730-_RD29898 20150730-_RD29817 20150730-_RD29746 20150730-_RD20932 20150730-_RD20829 20150730-_RD20791 20150730-_RD20581

KWUN KEE Tailored shoot in CORFU

_RD24591 _RD24627 _RD24665 _RD24688 _RD24736 _RD24822 _RD25000 _RD25142 _RD25232 _RD25283 _RD25461 _RD25603 _RD25646 _RD25707 _RD25759 _RD25814 _RD25877 _RD25884 _RD26111

The Peninsula Hong Kong

20140702_Paninsula_0022_Retouch_V1 20140702_Paninsula_0181_Retouch_V1 20140702_Paninsula_0268_Retouch_V1

One Green Elephant

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HUAWEI ASCEND P7, Mobile phone

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